You've probably heard of a song called "We're number one" from the Icelandic kids
show Lazytown. The song has Lazy Town‘s main villain, Robbie Rotten (played by Stefan
Karl), teaching a team of his lookalikes how to be a villain.
The meme first gained traction when a remix of the song was uploaded to the
SiIvaGunner YouTube channel, where it has gained over 1.5 million views. The song
gained the biggest amount of attention when the actor behind Robbie Rotten, Stefan Karl,
was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The other actors behind Lazytown started a
GoFundMe. And with the help of YouTube creating hundreds of remixes, they raised over
$100,000 to help get Stefan the treatment that he needed.
On December 11th, 2016, Stefan Karl showed his appreciation with a Facebook Live
event where he talked about his personal journey of when the song had reached meme
status, interviewed the song's composer, and reenacted the music video with the original
2014 cast.
Since then, Stefan Karl had uploaded an instrumental version to his youtube channel as
well as other versions of the song.
I think that it's amazing that a song from a children's cartoon saved an actor's life. I
find it more amazing that the reason the song took of was because of videos such as: We
are number one but every time it says "one" it cuts to The Mine song, but every time it says
"mine" it cuts to No One is Lazy in LazyTown, but every time it says "LazyTown" it cuts to
Master Of Disguise, but every time it says "disguise" it cuts to Energy, but every time it
says "energy" it cuts to Cooking By The Book, but every time it says "cake" it cuts to Man
On A Mission, but every time it says "secret agent" it cuts to You Are A Pirate, but every
time it says "pirate" it cuts back to We Are Number One. Also when a song ends it just
skips it in the order. It loops like that until all songs are finished
. Even though the popularity
of the song has significantly gone down, it saved the life of an actor who has entertained
countless children all over the world, and that makes me very happy.