On Wednesday, March 22nd a man went on a rampage stabbing multiple
people. 4 people ended up dying including the terrorist and a officer, and 20
people were injured. The injured were rushed to the hospital, a doctor who
examined the patients said that the wounds were really big. The officers said
that they were treating the attack as a terrorist attack and full counterterrorism
investigation. The cops also stated that they were satisfied with the fact that
there was only one attacker. This was not the first terrorist attack in England,
and will most likely not be the last.
I find this article sad because this is not the first attack of this kind as the
article stated. I also find i disturbing that the attack happened in broad
daylight, and the murderer went as far as killing a cop. I believe that this
would not be a terrorist attack simply because it wouldn't be committed using
a knife, but rather there is a cause for this event such as alcohol, but the
government doesn't want the public to know. England ranks as 28th on the
global terrorism index, so this will sadly not be the last terrorist attack in the UK.