The ice formed every year in the arctic does not make up the amount
demolished each year, an average of 13, 500 square miles of ice is melted
yearly which is equivalent to losing an area of ice larger than the size of
Maryland. Over the years Parkinson recorded the data collected by nasa in a
book called the journal of climate. The first part of the journal (from
1979-1996) shows that around 8,300 square miles melted in those years by
the second half (1996-now) shows that 19, 500 square miles are destroyed
yearly, that's like Vermont and Hampshire combined!
I think that Global Warming is a huge problem today. Global warming is driven
by the largely increasing pollution, and loss of trees in our environment. So
many people stand for causes that only affect us humans, but don't look at
what affects our environment. Whatever cause you stand for it won't matter if
we don't stand for our environment because we are destroying the very home
that allows us to live, and with that we are not only killing every living being
beside us, but ourselves too. I think that we need to find a way to balance our
carbon footprint and take better care of our Earth. We could achieve this by
not mass-producing items, carpooling or completely eliminating cars, and by
not using fossil fuels to power us, but finding a much more environment
friendly way such as wind mills or dams. The final alternative is by completely
eliminating all of the listed.