South Korean President Park Heun-hye has been threatened with a vote to impeach her. Park was
accused of abusing her power, along with her long-time friend Choi Soon-sil (who was not in a
position of power), of pressuring big companies to donate money to her own foundations that were
supposed to promote her policies. Park still denies the accusations, but apologized to the Korean
people anyways. In a response to these accusations, Park has offered to resign as the President,
before facing impeachment. In order to pass the bill, Park's opposition can bring the impeachment,
but they need a few members from Park's own party to attain the amount of votes that they need.
The story continues to develop.

I feel 2 very prominent things about this event. I feel that Park's opposition was too quick to try to
impeach her. She was in office for 4 years prior, of the 5 years that she would act as the president
of South Korea. But on the contrary, I feel that this was a very bad and irresponsible thing to do for
a president. She should not have done this, and it was very risky move for her. It was also revealed
that Choi held no position of power in the government, but she knew of confidential documents.
My question is why Park and Choi did this kind of thing that they should have known was very
dangerous to her. I also would like to know the fallout of this event, and how South Korea reacts to
the impeachment threat.