A large area of the Ocean stretching off of Antarctica known as Ross Sea became the world's largest
marine reserve ever, at 598,000 m2 of water. The area was created because of a unanimous
decision of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, and was
announced at a meeting in Tasmania. The commission is made up of members from 24 different
countries. The Ross Sea is also known as the Last Ocean, as it is seldom traveled by humans. It has
very nutrient-rich waters that provide large plankton and krill blooms that support a large amount
of sea life. It is speculated that approximately 16,000 species live in the Ross Sea. Because of the
fact that the Ross Sea is so remote, very little people have fished in it, but there was rising potential
that people would start to fish the area. With the new sanction, fishing will no longer be permitted
within 432,000 miles of the reserve. These decisions will go into effect on December 1, 2017.

I personally think that the Ross Sea is really cool! There is so much marine diversity that is not
effected by any human activities. It is also cool that this is a world record for marine reserves, which
beat the 583,000m2 reserve around Hawaii that was created by President Obama. This was a good
decision on the part of the CCAMLR because I think that it's always a good idea to preserve the
natural way that the marine ecosystem works and flows, and to be able to potentially study that
opens a lot of doors on marine biology, and the understanding of how the marine animals interact
with each other and live. I would like to know if they actually will be able to study the life in this
area, or if it is just a "no travel zone". I would also like to know about how different the ecosystem
in the Ross Sea is compared to commonly travelled seas, because I think that it would be a big
eye-opener on just how much we really effect the general marine ecosystem.