Most of us know Donald Trump for his vow to build a wall on the south border and
force Mexico to pay for it. While all of our attention was focused on him, France decided to
build their own wall. And the UK is paying for it.
The "anti-intrusion wall is designed to stop people illegally crossing into the UK through
the French port of Calais. It will be 1 kilometer long and 4 meters high. The wall is an
extension of high fences and barbed wire already in place, which has made the
construction of the wall criticized by some. The project will cost an estimated 3 million dollars.
People trying to sneak themselves into the UK have usually been known to hide on
trucks crossing the tunnel between Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais in France and Dover, UK.
The wall is hoped to prevent migrants from getting close to vehicles.
I'm glad that this problem is being addressed. I don't fully agree with the idea that
France basically forced the UK to build a wall when the UK is the one having the problem
with people illegally entering. However, the wall won't put an exceptionally large dent in the
UK's pockets, either. I'm all for the wall being built, especially if it makes natives of both
countries happy.