Taiwan has elected Tsai Ing-wen as their first ever female president.
Tsai quickly gained an incredible leade over her closest rivel before even half of the
votes were even counted. Tsai stated that "Over the past 4 yearrs, I've travelled around
Taiwan, I've seen the suffering of the people, and I've heard the public's call for change"
at her last rally. This adressed the growing discord between the people of Taiwan and the
preceding president, who had an effect on their newly weakened economy. Tsai promises to,
along with the people of Taiwan, overcome the challenges that they face.

I think that this is a very good development for Taiwan, because the people have become
more open and wanting for change. I also think that this could be a beacon for other countries
to start accepting female presidents or prime-ministers, and to be more open minded in general.
I am very interested in seeing if more countries will follow behind Taiwan and start electing women
of their own to a position of power. I am also interested in knowing how Taiwan's relations will be with
China, as Taiwan has remained independent of China for a very long time, and people are speculating that
she will open up relations with them again. I can predict that nothing will change, because her party has
been known for enforcing Taiwan's independence.